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Through the group10Years of accumulation,Gradually formed the luxury car sales、Auto after-sales service independently、New energy vehicle development wisdom made three big business matrix。
Fully integrated automobile industrial chain advantage,People-oriented,Nuclear for car,Apply the auto service innovation and r&d smart system,Redefine the future new ecological travel。

Harmonious cars

Global luxury genes,Benefit the sales network throughout the country

Harmony and repair

Wisdom stores and intelligence platform seamless integration,Create a new ecological vehicle maintenance and repair services

The harmonious finance

Cover auto financing、Insurance agent、Financing lease and second-hand car trading

New energy vehicles

BYTON To explore a new generation of intelligent terminal

Dynamic company
Toyota, general manager of China sichuan wit and a line in front of the present harmonious group lexus brand shop visit guidance
9Month8Day,Minister of Toyota's China division、Sichuan wit and before Toyota, general manager of China,The greater the kernel lexus China executive vice general manager、Cany 渕 Ming male executive vice general manager、Deputy general manager Xu Lun line to harmonious group, such as zhengzhou as far as lexus brand4SStore instruction work。Harmonious group vice chairman
Strategy focusing on business performance resume double-digit growth,Harmonious cars(03836)The revaluation?
(The article source:Kilter of finance and economics)In the first half of the domestic car overall recession,The decline in sales14%,Luxury cars, however, can grow,Sales rose7.2%,The BMW in luxury brands to show a procession,Double-digit growth,Win market share。As the core of the BMW dealership
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Zhengzhou headquarters

Address: Henan zhengzhou zhengdong new district business inner ring16The world trade center15ALayer

Zip code: 450000

The phone: 0371 - 63910000

The email: hx@caiyingyule.cn

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Address: Financial street, central, Hong Kong8International financial center2Period19Floor

The phone: 852 - 22511830

The email: hk@caiyingyule.cn

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The email: pr@caiyingyule.cn

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