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Jieyang and industrial co., LTD(The original victory hinges),Was founded1990Years,Is one of the largest stainless steel hinge manufacturer in China,Is located in jieyang city, guangdong province, dongshan district dragon stone industry,Distances from the center of the jieyang city landmark‘Jieyang square building’Only500M。With stainless steel hinge factory,Electroplating factory and dozens of outsourcing processing plant,‘Jieyang hardware association vice-chairman’The unit,Through the enterprise‘ISO9001:2000International quality system certification’,2006Years,‘And cause’Trademark evaluated by administration for industry and commerce of guangdong province‘The famous trademarks of guangdong province’,In the same year,‘And cause’Brand hinge by bureau of quality and technical supervision of guangdong province‘Brand-name products in guangdong province’。And in the industry‘For the world to provide quality hardware supporting solution’For the purpose,With outstanding product quality、The exquisite craftsmanship,And in the international hardware plays an important role on the stage。
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