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Hui Aaron termite control co., LTD is a company specializing in the prevention and control of termite and pest control mice and kill fire ants service company。The company mainly to undertake interior decoration termite prevention engineering,The factory MieZhi termites district construction,Reservoir dam termite control,The botanical garden,Ancient termite control,Household,The botanical garden,Villa,Office buildings,The warehouse,Workshop MieZhi termites project。The factory warehouse and so on a wide range of insecticidal out the rats and kill fire ants。
Service area:Sanshui district:Yaumcha,The southwest,YunDongHai,The white shows,Fan Hu,Reed,To the south,DaTang;Nanhai district:Smooth,In the water,Official kilns,Huang Qi,Salt step,Big drain,Matsuoka,The lion mountain,Luo village,The small pond,Ping chau,Keijo,Dan stove,Sands and so on, and huadu district of guangzhou:Carbon step,Red the palatial and baiyun district:Jiang is high,Ishii, etc。In recent years,Hui Aaron company continuous development,A growing business,Service point growing,Expanding service areas,Has wide radiation throughout the region。With our professional service,First-class technology,To do soCarry out
                 (The phone:0757-85110172    Or13420622262   Ye Sheng)
              Sanshui branch address:Yaumcha town of sanshui district, foshan city sanshui avenue169Number
               The southwest,YunDongHai,The white shows,Yaumcha,Reed,DaTang,Nan shan have service point

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Foshan sanshui professional deratization company:Knowledge about rats

Foshan sanshui professional deratization company:Vector biological means to spread the biology of human disease。Throughout the year..

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Sanshui school out mice company:Kill the mice

The first recruit:Family environment health citizen should do a good job in family environment health in the first place。Rats like to life..

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Foshan sanshui professional wine shop out the mice:Method of poison gas was used

There are two types of poison gas was used:One is chemical fumigants,Another is the smoke agent。Commonly used chemical fumigation..

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Sanshui southwest company rodents:Destroy the taboo of rats

Acute poisonous rat poison rats to eat medicine within minutes or hours after death。Mice ate..

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Foshan sanshui exterminate rats:Electric shock rats

The principle of this method is to use too,Mouse when touching the fine wire,Will be fine wire..

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